I dreamed about jjreason last night

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Re: I dreamed about jjreason last night

Post by anarky »

I have a similar dream where I'm in a strange town and go into a local toy shop (which usually looks like a toy shop I went into, sadly while broke, circa 1995 in a random town near Virginia Beach that still had the goddamned POTF, Secret Wars, Super Powers Collection, pre-rubsign G1 Transformers, and first year GI Joes--it was like a big independent KB that apparently no one shopped at... but I digress) and find all sorts of bizarre figures, mostly Star Wars, that absolutely never existed. Like Black Series Jaxxon, Luke Skywalker in Blue Flame (from Uzay) Disguise, and an Ewok 10-pack.

And I'm always distraught that all these figures somehow came out without me knowing, so I have no idea how much catching up I have to do. And there's always some strange reason I can't buy them (like I'm babysitting a baby who has diarrhea, or the owner throws me out because whoever I'm with has a shirt that offends him).
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Re: I dreamed about jjreason last night

Post by Ran »

I had one similar to that as well. I don't remember the exact details, but I was in a store that was selling all sorts of 70s/80s Star Wars toys that they found in the back of the of their warehouse or something. And like your dreams, some of it was actual toys made by Kenner, some were made up in my head.
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Re: I dreamed about jjreason last night

Post by Tom Foolery »

Fiancé told me about a dream she had last night. We were watching an action/horror movie about intelligent bees and the people were fighting the bees with guns. She said the movie was called ‘Two Bees, Two Bullets’ or something similar involving the word(s) guns, bees and or bullets. While she was explaining the dream to me, I kept interrupting her because was repeatedly using the word “stupid” to describe the movie, when clearly she meant ‘amazing’

Or at the very least ‘awfulsome’.
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