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you must be thinking "a new theme already? what is this, like, my birthday, v-j day, and the day i finally wasn't a virgin anymore all rolled into one?" and i'd be like "yeah, like you're not still a virgin!"

check out the link under "themes" called "mondrian" - it's based on the geometrically calculated art of piet mondrian. personally, i find his art lacking, but i thought it might make a cool little challenge for a website.


well, after firefox 1.5.0x decided the javascript i was using to dynamically change the stylesheet was crap, there hasn't been much choice of aesthetics on the site... until now! i've switched over to a PHP-based stylesheet swapper, and to commemorate the occasion i've created a new theme! it's called "sturm" and the colors are based off an image that i found on, which is also the image in the navigation of the page in that theme!


you won't know it's not home-made... i've begun to use PHP code in my site. the only way you'd know that is if you looked at any address of any page here and noticed that it wasn't a .html page anymore... but other than that, it shouldn't be any different... it will be for me, though... ah, the laziness that comes with scripting...


new theme introduced - "industrial." looks pretty cool, if i do say so myself. this ain't gonna work unless you're using a mozilla based browser. i'm gonna just say that right now. i didn't even want to try to give a shit if it worked in IE. so if you're still using IE, you can't see what it is supposed to look like... loser.


this site is now coded in XHTML... and every page is checked for validity under the W3C spec for xhtml 1.0 strict.


and the hits just keep on comin'! i added a totally useless javaScript to the index page (that's the first page you come to on this site...) that displays one of a dozen or so random phrases in the "title" bar... (that's the place all the way up in the left hand corner of the browser, across from the button you push to close the window...) it's funny, and i think i'll keep it around for a while...


cool new feature! different themes!!! right now i have two: the original, which i have entitled "cool blue boxes" and a new one entitled "macabre," since the color scheme is based on one of my favorite comic books which has a spooky feel to it... can you name it?
you can switch the theme under the heading "themes" - i can't tell you where, because it will probably be in a different place within each theme!


every page is now validated under the W3C for html4.01 and css2, so i added links to revalidate every page.


i just added a box to submit email addresses to my newsletter, which will be starting as soon as i have something to say!


for those of you who use a standards-compliant browser, you get a new treat! i've changed the way the navigation on the side works, so everything scrolls except for the navigaion box. that is, only if you're using ANY browser besides IE...


new pics added to the bonsai gallery on the art page - check 'em out, won't you?


not many updates for a while, but my site was zonked with crazy like visits recently that put my bandwidth out of commission... back up and running now, with an upgrade to 5 GB of transfer a month... hopefully it was worth it!!!
coming soon... an actual dot.comic!!! (if i get off my lazy ass...)


new page, too!!! all my best sloth fan mail!!! go to the slothmail page!!!


new site design, utilizing the newest in css technology! vynsane 4.0 is on the net! (just like AOL, i don't bother with anything other than integers!)


new page for new hobby! the bonsai exhibit is open to the public... check it out on the... uh, bonsai page... not too original, i know... whatever, shut up!


added a "links" page, and there's new merch available in the store... all kindsa underwears for the ladieses... they're funny and hot! how can you beat a combination like that??? you can't, that's how!!!


finally took the time to get the cafepress shop to look like the rest of my site! can't believe i actually got it to work! now i just have to integrate the forum... (ugh!)


upgraded my status on - now, more stupid shirts than ever! go ahead and check out the merchandise!


added the official bacon page! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO! bacon! coming soon, creepy stars...


added a black and white photography page to the site. i am so multi-talented it sickens even me...


fixed my netscape bug - 100% height not working - my mistake, i had some pesky paragraph tags in there... der! finally redesigned the cafepress and real ultimate power pages to reflect the new look to the site... i'm a lazy bitch...
coming soon... christopher walken, bacon, and the horrible secret behind duffman!


added another desktop image to the downloads page - spicy salma hayek, on a beach... (she's got a bikini on!)


added more artwork to the... artwork... page... and added a "downloads" page. i make quite a few desktops, and i thought i should share them... first up, agent "i'm'a kick yo ass" smith, of "the matrix" fame, and zang ziyi, of "crouching tiger, hidden dragon," and "rush hour 2" fame! (anyone who owns the properties to these images, don't sue me, as i'm making no money off them!


well, not much for a long time, but now a HUGE update - an all new look! vynsane ver. 3.0 is online... now with BLUE!


jumped on the "real ultimate power" bandwagon... just for fun... check it out here!


go to the "dot.comics" page to see a sneak peek sketch of Jimbo, the tourettes kleptomaniac narcoleptic.


soon to come - the world premiere of the vynsane original "dot.comic" Jimbo, the tourettes kleptomaniac narcoleptic.


opened an account with cafe shops dot com. go make a guy happy and buy some shirts or stickers or something...


major redesign of site navigation and layout. 2.0 is online!


added a news page - *WOMP, waaahhh*...

proud to boast! valid xhtml1.1 / valid css2