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rant: what the fuck is wrong with saying "happy holidays"

this "just say merry christmas" bullshit is going on for too long, now...

some people just don't give a shit about your holiday that used to mean something more than "buy, buy, buy!!!" and don't celebrate it. why should they have to be told "merry christmas" when it holds no meaning to them? do jewish people go around telling all the gentiles "happy yom kippur!"??? no! and any fundamentalist worth his salt would go out of their way to get offended by that.

i don't know when it was decided that the term "happy holidays" was a product of 90's political correctness, but i can't remember a time in my life where i hadn't heard it. as i obviously pre-date "PC", so then does the term "happy holidays." not to mention the fact that bing crosby sang it nearly 50 years ago! somehow the right-wingers have latched onto it as an offense tantamount to wishing them a "happy chanukah" (or yom kippur, or kwanzaa, even...)

take into consideration that the supposed spirit of this season is "peace on earth, and good will toward man"... append to that sentiment, i guess, "unless they're jewish, or don't believe in jesus, or lost their belief in god after being molested by that priest as an altar boy"... basically, this peace on earth jive is total bullshit, too...

i will be the first to tell you that political correctness has gotten WAY out of hand. but so, too, has the backlash against it - which has blown the whole thing completely out of proportion. obviously there will be people who never change (except for those who want to change... YOU from a degenerate heathen into a god-fearing, bible-thumping right-winger.) i just find it funny that the most apparently overly-sensitive people are the ones who lambast political correctness as being overly sensitive. for fuck's sake, all the dude in seattle wanted was a menorah set up SOMEWHERE amongst the fucking FOREST of christmas trees that were set up in the airport. sure, he litigated for it, but how else do you truly get your point across in this great litigious nation? he didn't want the trees TAKEN DOWN, he just wanted a reflection of HIS heritage PUT UP!

anyway, whatever. i believe that "happy holidays" is a totally appropriate greeting this time of year, and anyone who takes offense to that all-inclusive, all-encompassing salutation can bite my fucking humbug.

got something to say about it? huh, do ya??? i don't fuckin' care... but you can say it anyway, because i believe in free speech in my forum. don't say i never gave you nothing for the holidays!

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