John Carter series

books are important. a dying art. please, please, let me know that there are still people out there that read more than just magazines.

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John Carter series

Post by Diabolical »

Who's read 'em?

Barnes & Noble has a hardcover collection of the first 5 books for only $8.00.
It checks in at 960 pages and it didn't appear to be a condensed version. Are they all fairly short books?

Should I add it to my massive pile of unread books? ... 1435149915
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Re: John Carter series

Post by jjreason »

I think that sounds about right. Too cheap to pass up.
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Tom Foolery
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Re: John Carter series

Post by Tom Foolery »

Yeah, they were pulp novels, so they were pretty quick reads.
I haven't read them since grade school/jr high, but I don’t remember them sucking.
$8 is a fair price.
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Re: John Carter series

Post by anarky »

I've only read the first three. I think there's something like twelve. They're quite good--a bit dated, and I probably don't need to tell you they sometimes border on "racist as fuck," but well worth reading.

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