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Re: taking requests

Post by Jargo »

I was thinking top to bottom *snerf snerf* redo.
The union flag is fine but it only needs to be small. Like a belt buckle or brand logo sort of deal. The lion motif is ok too.
As long as there's no mullet or ponytail I don't mind how his hair is. Oh, definitely not ginger.
Facial hair is fine but I'm thinking perhaps not a full moustache or full beard.

I guess I'm just curious to see how he might look as a non traditional hero. A bit less squeaky clean and uptight.
I have never read any of your posts, but from what I can learn I should say that for people who like the kind of posts you deliver, they are just the kind of posts such people like.
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Re: taking requests

Post by Tom Foolery »

I request we post in here at least once a year.
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Re: taking requests

Post by anarky »


Ah, shit, I fucked it up.
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Re: taking requests

Post by jjreason »

Just once a year? Once each or just one post?

Request for Vyn - let's see The Incredibles having aged 12 years (yep, that movie came out in 2004 folks).
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Re: taking requests

Post by vynsane »

hahah, oh, man, i really let this one languish, didn't i?

now that i have a surface tablet and pen i was thinking of starting this back up again digitally, but have to find a really good sketching program. i haven't had the time to investigate thoroughly, but all the apps i've found thus far have at least one glaring limitation apiece, and most share the same issue - the fact that you can't change the orientation from landscape to portrait, which is just really odd.
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Re: taking requests

Post by vinsayne »

oh, yeah, i'm SUUUUUURRRRRRE that will happen. nice excuse with the whole "oh, the apps aren't exactly what i'd like them to be..." thing.
i have a lot of great ideas that i'll never actually get around to seeing to fruition!
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Re: taking requests

Post by Diabolical »

Apps, shmapps.
Pencil and paper, bitch.
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