So, What comics did you buy this week?

comics rock. talk about them here. now. or just go to the "corn" section and wack off. i'll understand. i'll just sit here and read my spider-man comics.

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Re: So, What comics did you buy this week?

Postby Diabolical » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:18 am

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Re: So, What comics did you buy this week?

Postby anarky » Wed Jun 12, 2019 12:08 pm

I liked The Last Jedi, and even I'd be hard-pressed to defend the character in the film.

Doesn't mean I don't think the idea of an amoral grifter in the SW galaxy doesn't hold potential if done right. (I haven't read it yet, so it could fall just as flat as in the movie.)
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Re: So, What comics did you buy this week?

Postby Tom Foolery » Sun Jun 16, 2019 11:01 pm

All New Wolverine 21-35. Finished the series.

21 was the final issue of a 3 issue arc where an alien girl crash lands on Roosevelt Island and infects everybody with an alien virus. The only cure is Laura’s healing factor. With the help of other “healers”(Daken, Old Man Logan, Deadpool, etc) they cure almost everyone and become media heroes for doing so.
22-24. Laura hitches a ride into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy to find the cause of the virus which turns out to be an isolated science lab on a moonbase surrounded by Brood. Gabby is brood infected but overcomes it.

25-30. Orphans of X. Survivors and relatives of victims of various clawed mutant assassins (Weapon X, X-23, Daken, Lady Deathstrike, etc) devise a plan to recover the Muramasa Blade in order to kill the killers once and for all. Laura finally confronts them and pledges to help them track down the people who hired the assassins to kill their loved ones.

31. Gabby and Deadpool team up to take down the pharma lab where they found Jonathan the Wolverine.

32. Laura and the daughter of one of her first victims team up and track down the man who hired X-23’s handlers to send her on that mission.

33-35. Set in the future “Old Woman Laura” is dying and goes on one last adventure to stop Doctor Doom, the last villain left on Earth.

This was a pretty solid series by Tom Taylor. Gabby “Honey Badger” Kinney might be one of my new favorite characters.

Up next X-Men Blue, X-Men Gold, X-Men Red, Astonishing X-Men, and a few minis and oneshots. That’ll finish off the box, and I can head back to the beginning of the alphabet.
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