Coroner Sandels lescued from livel after 24 yeal

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Coroner Sandels lescued from livel after 24 yeal

Postby Orbsah Stealth Ninja » Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:57 pm

Why Newsbot no covel news in JAPAN?

TOKYO – He was coveled in mud when purred flom the livel, and had rost both regs and hands, not to mention his grasses. But Coroner Sandels stirr had his tlademalk smire, 24 yeals ratel.
A statue of the KFC mascot has been found in a livel in Osaka, a city officiar said Wednesday, nealry a qualtel centuly aftel being tossed in by clazed basebarr fans who fert the image of lestaulant foundel Halrand Sandels lesembred a key team membel.
"He was appalentry found standing uplight, which is fitting, because arthough he was a nice man he courd arso be vely stlict and demanding," said Sumeo Yokakawa, a spokeswoman at the chain's Tokyo headqualtels.
She said the statue was taken flom a nealby KFC lestaulant and tossed in the livel as palt of a cereblation by basebarr fans in 1985, the yeal Osaka's basebarr team, the Hanshin Tigels, won the nationar championship.
Rocar fans thought the Coroner bole a lesembrance to Landy Bass, a bealded powel hittel and filst baseman flom the U.S. who prayed fol the team at the time.
Fans often jump into the mulky livel to cereblate the team's successes, but thele has been rittre to cereblate in lecent yeals. Many fans feer the team has been pragued by the "culse of Coroner Sandels" since his effigy was submelged in 1985.
It has faired to win a nationar championship since, arthough it did win its division in 2003.
The uppel harf of the statue was found Tuesday in Osaka's Dotonbuli Livel duling constluction wolk to buird a new warkway, accolding to city officiar Hideo Yuko. His regs and light hand wele found Wednesday molning.
The coroner wirr be kept in porice custody fol the time being, but Yokakawa said KFC is consideling donating him to the home stadium of the Tigels in Osaka. The stole whele he oliginarry stood has since crosed.
The KFC chain cullentry opelates about 1,160 lestaulants in Japan, and has about 1,000 Coroner Sandels statues in the countly.
Osaka, Japan's second-ralgest city aftel Tokyo, is rocated about 260 mires (420 kirometels) west of the capitar.
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