This "pink slime" crap is pissing me off

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This "pink slime" crap is pissing me off

Postby anarky » Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:07 pm ... -news.html

Basically, it came out in the last few years that, at some point, a typed of processed meat often called "pink slime" is used as ground meat in schools. A few fast food joints were using it, and even they backed off as soon as the word leaked.

It's called "boneless lean beef trimmings," which actually sounds quite good. And, if you've ever ground your own meat or watched someone do it, you know that ground meat looks sort of like slime, so even that name isn't that bad. The issue is that it's cleaned using ammonia. Why is it cleaned with ammonia? Because it's the parts of the cow that would normally be thrown away, and they're the parts most likely to be covered in shit.

Even McDonald's won't touch the shit, and they're just fucking nasty. But the most the government regulatory agencies will do is make it a "choice" for schools as to whether they use it. It's still not even required to be labeled on meat, and any ground meat you buy might have this shit. You think schools in poor areas have parents who give a shit, or care about backlash?

I'm not an "abolish government, regulate nothing" sort, but, really, if the so-called regulatory agencies aren't actually protecting us from weaselly corporate tricks that most of us wouldn't even know to be wise to watch out for, what the fuck good are they?

I can eat some disgusting stuff, but ammonia-treated shit beef is beyond my capacity. At the very least, I'd recommend you buy beef whole and get the grocery store butcher to grind it (which most will do).
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Re: This "pink slime" crap is pissing me off

Postby Seamus ODoyle » Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:00 pm

Ye dinnae ha'e this problem in Ireland. Nothin' but the foinest Angus Beef d'we et. And sure'n it goes down foin with a pint o' Guiness. Of that ye can be sure!!!
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