We need to take action against Idaho

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We need to take action against Idaho

Postby anarky » Tue Feb 07, 2012 9:47 am

I just read a news article that relayed a disturbing bit of info:


I have no idea how the democratic system so utterly failed, but the damage is done. This is surely a stepping stone for the vermin to do whatever disgusting things they want with our great nation. I'm sure photos of them humping the Statue of Liberty are in our future.

We have to act now. Contact your representatives and tell them in no uncertain terms: We need to drop Idaho from the US and immediately declare nuclear war on them. There will be civilian casualties, but better a slow death from nuclear radiation than a slower death from otter gang abuse.
*--For behavior unbecoming anyone, perpetrated in real time over an extended--AH, FUCK IT! MORE MALIBU, BITCHES!!

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