How not to advertise a product

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How not to advertise a product

Postby anarky » Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:00 pm

There's this thing called Dragon. It's apparently speech-to-text software. If you've watched any (formerly) educational channel in the last month or so, they advertise this thing nonstop. If you've not seen it, turn to any channel with "History" in the name and it's a given you'll see it within a half-hour. It's a damned long commercial. I've not timed it, but I suspect it's three minutes long.

Anyhow, it's all these stupid anecdotes about how people use it to supposedly make life easier. (It looks pretty clunky and slow from what they show, but that's not even the issue.) The first anecdote is about a soccer mom--y'know, the sort of person with problems using a keyboard when at a computer. :roll: She's posting on what looks like Facebook (obviously not identified as such) to see if anyone "know[ s] any good calculus tutors." And that's what bugs me.

She says "good" not as it's supposed to be said, but as if it rhymes with "food." And puts a bit of emphasis on it, like a director or someone told her to say it that way.

Now, obviously, it also shows the text popping up on her screen. Which is what they wanted. But why, so early in such a fucking long commercial, demonstrate that your product has such an important inherent weakness? It won't properly type the word "good" if she says it properly. Even if it's not the case, it looks like it is, and they should've picked a different actress. Fuck, if the software can't deal with a common word like that, they couldn't fake the screen results or something?

Seriously, it's like showing an ad to demonstrate a Hummer's off-roading abilities and not editing out the part where it runs out of gas.
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