Twin peaks

most tv sucks these days, but there are some shining examples of good writing, acting, camera work, etc... we call those Deadwood and Arrested Development. Family Guy sucks ass, though...

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Twin peaks

Postby Jargo » Sat May 16, 2015 5:57 am

David Lynch is apparently back at the helm of the new show. After throwing a hissy fit and 'quitting'. Now as much as I love Twin Peaks i'm not sure if recreating that vibe will work. Back then it was strange and new and the whole concept of never knowing what the hell is going on wasn't new but Lynch gave it a style that was fresh and created a show with so much atmosphere it kept you hooked. Also we didn't have high definition TV back then and the shows fuzzy edged look was one of the things that worked for it. TV these days is hard edged and crystal clear. Everyone is used to open ended shows and that whole surprise factor is gone. The cast and Lynch have moved on and grown and I'm unsure if they'll get back into that Twin Peaks head space. Is it now just going to read like an interminably extended X-files episode? Why not just leave Twin Peaks be and create something new? Lynch is the king of weird I think there's only him and John Waters who can create such endearing weirdness on screen in such an unabashed cheesy way without it seeming totally lame. I'm afraid I just don't see the point in retreading old ground. I guess the studio were going to do it anyway and Lynch just wanted to limit the damage. Fair play if that was his reason for getting involved. Better him than someone who'll miss the mark from the get go. I dunno though, am I alone in thinking it's like living life again with the amount of remakes and reboots being churned out?
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