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rant: bloggers

i. hate. bloggers. too many times i've checked my stats on this website, only to find that so many friggin' idiots are hotlinking to my images. i find my images at livejournal. i find them at myspace. i find them on xanga. everywhere there is someone who thinks i'm interested in what they did all day today (generally it consists of "i wanted to make toast, but then i realized i had no bread...") i find images that reside on my server.

man, i used to take it in stride. i really did. at first i would simply find their contact info wherever i could, and sent them a kind email saying "hey, you know what? when you hot link to an image you could easily save and upload to your annoying blog, it basically costs me money. i'm hosting an image for you, and i don't want to do that."

that worked. it did. but others still stole my images. i decided to just change the filename of every image they were linking to. obviously they would then have the wrong URI for the image. done and done.

but eventually, they'll find it again. stupid leeches. just sucking my bandwidth down the drain with their "mood: ;)" GOD DAMMIT!

you suck, bloggers.

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just some examples of people with no regard for the intellectual property of others...

1 using one of my desktop backgrounds for his site background. oh, and he's just so cool and aloof.

2 using a picture i took in photo class in college. very existential and pretentious.

3 jeeee-zus is this dude's mad about bacon. i'm almost not angry... that's cool, but friggin' download the picture!!!!

4 half-way down the page, another link to my face picture. "I really wish my school would offer a class in black and white photography, because I really would love to learn and take photos like that... oh well I will probably have to take a class somewhere to learn more about it"

my response on his blog?

"you DID learn to take photos like that. you took it right from my website!"

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